• December 21, 2015


Well what do you know! Within hours of me contrasting the politically and moral selflessness of the Irish President with the ‘political selfishness’ of the President of Tynwald Ireland’s President, Michael D Higgins, once again has illustrated his great humanity and flaw for speaking common sense.

He used his Xmas message to deliver a powerful message in support of those disadvantaged both in Irish society and globally. He said;

“If Christmas is a time to celebrate, it is also a time to share. We share each other’s company, each other’s achievements together with each other’s pains, hopes and dreams.”

Speaking of the global situation he said;

“As people of a migrant nation we are perhaps uniquely placed to understand the great agony experienced by the 60 million displaced people.

In this context, it is heartening to see how countless people in Ireland have chosen to respond with warmth and real hospitality. Our NGOs, our medical services, and our uniformed services – both at home and overseas – are peopled by those who have chosen to take action, and to be the stranger that offers a helping hand, a shelter, a meal to those in need. How we treat the weakest among us is the finest test of us as a nation.”

I was moved by that final sentiment ‘how we treat the weakest among us is the finest test of us as a nation’.

Can we honestly say that we, the Manx, ‘as a nation’ meet the test in how we treat the weakest with a government that allows monopolies like Manx Gas to run rampant?

A government that makes cuts to social benefits whilst enacting legislation to throw people out of hospitals into the tender care of the private sector.

A government that attacks the pay of emergency services whilst setting up committees to review its own perks.

A government that ‘steals’ £50 million of its own peoples financial reserves to fund the pipe-dreams of so called private sector entrepreneurs.

A government that shuts down democratic institutions in a fit of pique because it does not like its actions questioned.

I wonder what the message will be from our President of Tynwald this year – not ‘how we treat the weakest is our finest test’ – I’ll wager.
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