• January 17, 2019

Celtic League policy adopted well over a decade ago seems to vindicated by recent uncertainties over new nuclear power stations. There is speculation that the new build nuclear reactor at Wylfa in N Wales may be paused of scrapped by Hitachi (reports here at the BBC):


The news is the latest blow to Britain’s programme to build a new generation of atomic power stations. Last year Toshiba announced it was scrapping plans to build a nuclear station at Moorside near Sellafield (link):


The Celtic League opposes a new generation of nuclear power stations arguing that the dangers and pollution legacy issues far outweigh any counter argument.

The Celtic League AGM at Landernev in Breizh in 2006 adopted a resolution reiterating our opposition to French and UK nuclear power station construction

Images: 1) Wylfa (project) 2) League Officers at the 2006 Breizh AGM

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary
Celtic League

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