• August 6, 2015


Good to see that the focus is on the late British PM Edward Heath and allegations of child abuse some of them going back decades.

With no less than five police forces now conducting investigations, not to mention the possibility of the Goddard inquiry getting in on the act there is only a slim chance that the British establishment will be able to do a ‘whitewash’ on these allegations that go right to the heart of the British State. Who next we wonder a ‘Royal’!

Not that Ted Heath was any stranger to ‘whitewash’ jobs as the Prime Minister at the time of the Bloody Sunday massacre in Derry in 1972 he famously ordered the Widgery Inquiry, when it became clear, from news footage shot on the day, that the main group of people out of control that day in the city were members of the British Army and their so called elite parachute regiment.

Widgery speedily did a whitewash job for Heath who was so pleased that be arranged for the commander of the murdering paras on the day, Lt Col Derek Wilford to be awarded the OBE six months later.

Of course eventually there was a full and detailed inquiry into the events of Bloody Sunday, the Saville Inquiry, and that resulted in David Cameron having to admit in the House of Commons:

“the conclusions of this report are absolutely clear. There is no doubt, there is nothing equivocal, there are no ambiguities. What happened on Bloody Sunday was both unjustified and unjustifiable. It was wrong.”

Heath went to his grave without having to account for his governments misdeeds in Ireland. With regard to his alleged personal perversions, if found guilty, he will have to answer to the Court of Public Opinion.

The new Heath allegations however also beg a larger question, what did MI 5 know of the prominent politician’s predilections? Surely the Secret Intelligence Service would not have stood idly by if it knew such a high profile figure indulged in such behavior. Perhaps one of the five police forces suddenly spurred after years of inertia to action should ask the spooks for any files they kept on Ted!

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