‘Your’ Country Needs You: Join the Army and Lay Bricks!


During the Second World War the US Marines in the Pacific adopted a policy of ‘island hopping’ as they encircled the Japanese Empire ahead of its defeat.

Eighty years on in its desperate search for both full and part-time forces the British Military has honed its own version of the tactic. We revealed recently that with its FR2020 policy failing at home the MOD had taken the decision to target the colonies (aka the Crown Dependencies).

On the Isle of Man a few weeks ago we had a media launch (which seemed to go on for ever!) and a sort of military fun fair opposite the Villa Marina (they had to move on because the real fun fair was due in Town for the TT).

After the initial onslaught which was accompanied by a media advertising blitz (smiley faces at IOM newspapers) the show has apparently targeted fresh pastures.

Next week in a classic ‘Island hopping’ tactic the MOD con-men hit the beach in Guernsey and their ‘bag of goodies’ is much more enticing than the fresh air, rock climbing, hiking ‘fun times’ offered in Mann last month.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) must have determined that Guernsey folk will only be attracted by more practical challenges so it’s join the Army and…lay bricks! Honestly we’re not making it up! See here.

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And here’s something to jolly it along – because as that nice man from the British Army told Manx Radio’s Marian Kenny recently its ‘good fun in the reserves’ – (link: you will need Windows Media Player to run this).

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