Treasury Minister Responds on Tax Cheats


Top marks to Eddie Teare MHK, Manx Treasury Minister, one member of government it seems who does work weekends!

On Friday I wrote to the Minister outlining how in these straitened times it was important that the Government realised a full ‘tax take’ and to this end both the ‘black economy’ and ‘business expenses’ loopholes should be tightened up.

My letter (via email) went very late in the day on Friday but obviously the Ministers staff were ‘working to the bell’ and it was forwarded to him promptly and subsequently a response today.

The Minister in that response outlines steps he has already taken also stressing he will also be reviewing the area with his Officers before the next tax year.

He also asked for ideas/suggestions and I have been only to happy to furnish same!

Tax avoidance and evasion is theft from the community every tax pound lost puts a greater strain on those attempting honestly to complete their returns.

It is to be hoped that Minister Teare does follow through on his promise to further review this and also that other Ministers back up any steps he brings forward.

Next year is a difficult one for politicians with the run up to the election there will be a desire not to make or support unpalatable decisions. We may get a chance to see who measures up to the challenge!


Issued by: The Celtic News



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