Sea No Evil – But It’s There!


I reported in some detail last year on our cooperation with New York Times journalist Ian Urbina who wrote (and continues) his award winning exposé of life at sea and the exploitation of mariners and fishermen.

There is more evidence closer to home of attempts to replace indigenous crews on British merchant vessels with cheaper labour from third world countries.

See the two attached article links below:…/union-reacts-to-fake-redunda…/…/orkney-man-sets-up-petition-su…/

Readers of Celtic News will recall that we exposed the fact that fishermen from third world countries are now employed on EU vessels often with pay and conditions which would ne unacceptable to nationals of the countries involved. So far we are only aware of one EU state (Ireland) that has taken action to address the exploitation.

It seems however that increasingly mainstream shipping operators want to join this lucrative exploitation of labour by engaging crews on poor wages and in circumstances where it is difficult for them to be organised and represented by Trade Unions.

This is not a new phenomenon as this report on the exploitation of Ukrainian seafarers from four years ago establishes:…/files/pdf/trafficked_at_sea_w…

Urbina’s New York Times articles have prompted action by government in the United States and indeed also local action via boycotts and campaigns by individuals and groups.

It is clear from the two articles above that the EU and European counties generally are dragging their heels in addressing this issue.

Labour exploitation at sea or on land in the 21st Century should not be something that is tolerated or condoned by civilised society!

Photo: MV Apellis was named and shamed by the ITF as a vessel exploiting a mixed crew of Indonesians and Ukrainians (see link):…


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