Chemical and Conventional Weapons and Nuclear Waste Dumping


As subscribers who have been with Celtic News since its inception will be aware one of the areas we have focused on from an environmental perspective is sea dumping of munitions and nuclear waste.

When the Celtic League started its campaign back in the 1980s very little information was available or provided by governments particularly the United Kingdom but we ‘chipped away’ and probed until in the early 1990s the vast scale of munitions disposals (I million tonnes in the Beaufort Dyke area – in the North Channel –alone) was revealed. Also ‘Operation Sandcastle’ which revealed extensive dumping of both conventional and chemical weapons in seas off the North and West of Ireland was eventually uncovered.

Documentation continues to come to light and in November a Scottish newspaper uncovered more archived material on sea dumping of nuclear waste in the Clyde, off Arran and in the Forth.

For those researching this one of the most comprehensive resource sites for information about dumping in waters around the British Isles and also internationally can be found at:

It includes:

MOD briefing paper includes radioactive waste, chemical weapons explosives etc
MOD Standard reply on the sea dumping of munitons 2008
MOD Beauforts Dyke Background Sea Dumping of Munitions
NRPB Report-R294 “Assessment of Doses and Risks Posed to the Bailiwick of Guernsey by the Nuclear Industry” 1997
NRPB-M859 Memorandum ” Assessment of the Radiological Implications of Dumping in Beauforts Dkye and other Coastal Waters from the 1950s” 1997
IAEA article “Ocean Disposal of Radioactive Waste Status Report 1989
IAEA-Tecdoc-1105 Inventory of Radioactive Waste Disposals at Sea 1999
National Archives
Many of the links lead to substantial and detailed files on the issue. Some older browsers may struggle with these links and we found its best if accessing to use Google Chrome.

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