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With some posts reaching over 15 000 people, the Kernow Branch of the Celtic League is by far the most prolific utiliser of social media in the organisation.

In addition to Facebook, the Branch also runs a Twitter site, which has over 1 000 followers ranging from MPs, MSPs, MEPs and Councillors to News Agencies. Running four main Facebook sites (see list below), as well as Twitter and with with over 10 000 ‘followers’ combined, the Branch reported to Celtic League officers recently on its social media activities stating that through the use of social media it is “proud to proclaim Cornishness, proud to advocate a pan Celtic approach, proud to have full members who work solidly towards our aims and objectives!”

Over the last year some of the other Branches of the League have also joined Facebook including the Cymru Branch, Patagonia Branch, Nova Scotia Branch and most recently the Éire Branch. The Celtic League has its own Facebook Page and its own Twitter account.



The four main Kernow Branch Facebook sites are below:

Kernow Branch Celtic League:

The Cornish Are A Nation:

Kernow Branch Facebook shop:

We Support A Pan Celtic Alliance:

Other Celtic League sites:

Celtic League:
Celtic League Twitter:

Kernow Celtic League Twitter:
Yr Undeb Celtaidd – Cangen Cymru Wales Branch Celtic League:

An Conradh Ceilteach (Éire branch):

The Celtic League – Nova Scotia / Alba Nuadh:

Patagonia Celtic League:

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