• March 30, 2021

Not that Celtic League would claim to be in such illustrations company as the ‘three great wonders’ featured here:


However our submission (earlier this month) as part of the response to an invitation from UN (ECOSOC) to the 2021 UN High Level segment on these issues stressed States should meet their:

“ obligations to meet standards fixed by the WHO and avoid ‘national parameters’ – an example of the latter is vaccine nationalism and a disregard of the needs of States other than those in the ‘G20 bracket’ to access critical supplies to address the pandemic.”

It further called on the UN to:

“revise and reinforce existing resolutions that address the issues outlined above so that global society avoids the drift towards the response to pandemic being based on State interest and not the wider interest of global society. If anything the Covid epidemic has illustrated now ‘national priority’ can undermine the benchmarks set for global development, elimination of poverty, health development….”

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (30th March 2021)

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