• April 4, 2011

The departure of the Isle of Man’s Lt Governor prompted Manx Radio to depart from its usual `West Brit’ sycophantic coverage and elicit an alternative view.

The Chairman of Mec Vannin, Mark Kermode, and the Celtic League DOI were approached to express a (predictable) view on the role or need for a Lt Governor.

The interview clips were used as part of the intro to the `Talking Heads’ discussion series of programmes and generally the comments both for and against were quite reasoned. There seemed to be only one rabidly anti-nationalist who texted in the hackneyed we will be `back to spuds and herring’ argument and also a curious intervention (also by text) from someone who equated having a Lt Governor to ensuring the Defence of the Isle of Man (they are obviously to young to remember how well the United Kingdom defended the Channel Islands in World War 2!).

An (admittedly) unscientific assessment of the overall comment seemed to indicate a majority questioned the value of the Lt Governors role.

The commentary is available on the Manx Radio `Listen Again’ website for those interested. However be aware that this feature renews after one week.

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J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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