• November 20, 2015


Despite IOM Newspapers hosting the ‘Awards for Excellence’ shindig, when what passes for the ‘glitterati’ on the island have an outing courtesy of Island businesses such as the offshore finance and gambling industry, it did not stop today’s paper (Manx Independent) waxing all biblical.

‘STEALTH TAX EXODUS’ screamed the title which conjured up visions of the great and the good staggering out of the ‘gala event’ at the Villa Marina suitably fortified by the champagne and canapés and heading straight for the morning boat.

The ‘nitty-gritty’ of the story was a little bit more mundane and surrounded the pretend indignation voiced by a few of the Tynwald members as Alf Cannan’s latest hike to toilet charges sailed through what passes for our parliament.

Remember Alf? He’s the MHK who also heads up the MUA (now there are a few executive salaries that need looking at) and it’s only six months since he ‘jacked up’ the price of electricity.

This is the man who wants millions of pounds of your money to play King Canute in Kirk Michael, while he baulked at the idea of spending a few pounds of his salary on his own parking.

As you read the report of the debate on the ‘sewerage stealth tax’ it only makes you more depressed and you feel sorry for those people who actually endure the real thing broadcast ‘live’ on Manx Radio.

It is clear there’s some sort of game going on in Tynwald and the Keys. The Bell government has got almost all of Tynwald bought of with financial ‘top-ups’ in the form of Departmental posts or Chairmanships and seats on the likes of the MUA (Ministry of Useless Articles) or the OFT (Office of Failure and trickery) positions.

However they have still got to pretend they are a real parliament so every time a new stealth charge comes along the straws are drawn and a small number appear to advance opposition. It’s never enough to stop anything but at least (they think) it makes us mugs outside think they are real politicians who care.

Anyway Manx Independent biblical balderdash aside there is something happening on this Island that is more sinister than any ‘Exodus’.

The government’s continual tax assault on the less well of is increasing the income differential to the extent (as demonstrated by our Mec Vannin colleagues) a substantial section of the population are in perpetual deficit.

Put plainly this government is practising a financial genocide against those on low and middle income. Eventually something will snap – soon!
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