• October 7, 2021

Writing in a publication released to coincide with the Tory conference the Conservative MP for Wrexham Sarah Atherton has warned about ‘extreme nationalism’. She regales readers with stories of:

“repeated protests outside my constituency office, criminal damage to the office, toxic behaviour on social media and death threats.”

One of these ‘extreme’ protests involved empty dinner plates being placed outside her office by a history student and mum of three.

What she does not mention is that the protests outside her office were about her helping to vote down a Labour motion that would have given food aid to children in ENGLAND over the Easter holiday.

Hardly it seems the actions of rabid ‘anti-English’ nationalists.

Sarah Atherton also brags about her service in the ‘Intelligence Corps’ which given the context of her outburst would seem to be a contradiction in terms.

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Image: Sarah Atherton

Bernard Moffatt

AGS Celtic League (6th October 2021)

FOOTNOTE FOR CL MANNIN READERS: Tory Sarah Atherton MP is obviously cut from the same cloth as Allinson and Cannan current Chief Ministerial candidates here who infamously ensured Manx schoolchildren got no food vouchers during the summer holidays.

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