Work Permit Dodgers and Quisling Courts


The Isle of Man Examiner breaks the news today about the extent of prosecutions brought under the TV broadcast licence laws. The story is self explanatory.

The paper quotes extensively from Caroline Levesque Bartlett a campaigner against the levy across the UK and in the Crown dependencies.

Ms Bartlett has amassed a wealth of statistics which are well worth a look (link):

What struck us about the Isle of Man stats is that there seemed to be a dearth of prosecutions for 2002 and 2003 and then I remembered. It was in early 2002 that the Celtic League pointed out that TV licence detection teams were operating on the Island illegally, without work permits. They had to scuttle back to the UK and must have been given such a bloody nose it was another two years before they returned.

Of course unlike the many people since prosecuted in the Isle of Man by the ‘Quisling’ courts that apply this legislation the TV licence permit dodgers got of ‘scot free’.

The Manx courts it is revealed meanwhile are applying themselves with vigour to serving their UK masters handing out stiffer sentences than courts in the other dependencies (three times the rate in Jersey).

Meanwhile readers of Celtic News will recall that our efforts to find out when TV licence regulations were introduced into the Isle of Man which we asked about earlier this year we got this rather ‘woolly’ reply from the Communications Commission

“a) When was the right to levy a broadcasting licence extended to the Isle of Man?
As set out in the Tynwald Select Committee report:

“The BBC originated in the 1920s and was funded by a licence fee from its inception. The first mention of the BBC in Tynwald was in 1934…The Governor, Sir Montagu Butler, acknowledged that the Wireless Telegraphy Acts 1904 to 1926 (of the UK Parliament) extended to the Isle of Man and that the BBC’s area of operations included the Island.”

Manx Government Respond on TV Licence Queries « The Celtic League

Manx Government Respond on TV Licence Queries « The…
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It seems that the broadcast licence system was never actually formally approved by Tynwald at its inception and it follows therefore that everything that has been undertaken since including the actions of the Manx ‘Quisling’ Judiciary in applying ‘this law’ (as amended) is founded on a lie.

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