That Pot Of Irish Gold At The End Of The Manx Rainbow!


Boringly it looks as if the TURNERGATE story is set to roll into next week with the resident media incarnations of PRAVADA no doubt already lining up all manner of Manx political and business ‘celebs’ to debunk this former priestess of the finance sector for her heresy in uttering the ‘H’ word.

It’s time to move the agenda on surely! Would it be to much to hope that when radio and papers get a chance to question these ‘glad-hander’s’ of the finance sector they put Turner’s comments on the ‘back burner’ and instead ask ‘haven apologists’ to explain;

1) Was there any truth in those CBC allegations about the Island being used to swindle the Canadian tax payers out of millions of pounds and more specifically who and what institutions were involved?

2) How did that pot of Irish gold amounting to £7 million which somehow get detached from a deal involving the so called ‘bad bank’ NAMA northern portfolio and find itself at the end of the rainbow in the Isle of Man.

3) Given the two above examples in the past 6/7 months are our regulatory bodies, FSC and FCU etc fit for purpose.

It’s no doubt an easy news story to get someone to ‘bad mouth’ Turner but lets cut to the quick here the folk who should be asked for interviews are ‘steady Eddie’ Teare, the FCU and FSC.

Illustration: Bejesus, how did that £7 million get here?

Link: Mick Wallace speaking I the Dail:


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