Social responsibility – Bloody Hypocrites!


The first thing to check is that it’s not the 1st of April when you see an item on Manx Radio business news which opens:

“Social responsibility will be high on the agenda at an international summit for the e gaming industry in Douglas this week.”

Is this a contradiction in terms or couldn’t the person who drafted the item appreciate the irony?

It gets worse however sponsors of this e gaming ‘hallucinatory extravaganza’ are our old friends KPMG.

Now for those of you who missed it (because well to be honest although it was one of the biggest stories in one of the biggest countries in the world and featured the Isle of man) KPMG (in their Canadian incarnation) featured in an expose by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) over tax matters and well ‘social responsibility’ is not the first thing that springs to mind. Here’s a link to some items we posted on
As we said you may have missed it although Manx Radio did carry an interview with Eddie Teare at the time and Eddie said…..nothing and no one pressed him. ( links):

‘SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY’ – ‘E GAMING’? Bloody hypocrisy springs to mind that’s KPMG….not Manx Radio!

Anyway we will pass this to our friends at CBC it should give them a chuckle!

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