Irish Branch Supports Yes In Scottish Referendum: Meeting in Dublin and Belfast

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As the campaign for Scottish Independence progresses and the referendum debate moves up a notch the latest polls show that the YES side is fast closing the gap. As the campaign accelerates we feel sure that on the day the Scottish people will vote YES for Independence. The Irish Branch of the Celtic League has organised a speaker from the Radical Independence Campaign in Scotland to brief Irish audiences in two venues (Dublin and Belfast) on developments.

‘Scottish Referendum Campaign heats up – Implications for Ireland of Yes or No’

Wednesday, 21st May
7:45 p.m.
Connolly Books
43 East Essex Street,
Dublin 2.
Speaking : Allan Armstrong (RIC)
Cathal Ó Luain (Celtic League) – Chairman

Thursday, 22nd May
8 p.m.
48 King Street,
BT1 6AD.
Speaking : Allan Armstrong (RIC)
Tommy McKearney
Cathal Ó Luain (Celtic League) – Chairman

Further info from Cathal Ó Luain, Chairman, Irish Branch, Celtic League



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