Health Service Staff Consultation – Time For Revamp?


I posted earlier about the new Health Discussion forum wishing it well and noting it seemed to be premised on giving staff an opportunity to get concerns and ideas of their chest in confidence.

I have since written to DHSC CEO Malcolm Couch suggesting that fora for staff consultation are reviewed so that whatever concerns there are can be aired and dealt with fairly and expeditiously.

Text of the letter below:

“Mr Malcolm Couch
Chief Executive Officer
Crookall House
Demesne Road
Isle of Man

9th February 2016

Dear Mr Couch

Re: Health/Hospital Services

You will be aware that a couple of Facebook sites started recently one rather emotively called ‘Nobles Hospital Isle of Man Exposed’ (which appears to have been short lived) and another called Health Services Discussion.

The premise of both sites appears to be staff concerns/morale/improving health services.

I am aware some years ago (because indeed for a time I chaired it) there was a very effective Joint Nursing Consultative Committee which was a very useful conduit for nursing staff and other disciplines to air concerns and advance ideas to improve matters in the Health services.

I recall it was very effective and indeed unlike some fora I was involved in non confrontational and efficient allowing for an honest and open exchange of views. I feel sure its minutes should be maintained somewhere so you should be able to assess the nature and scope of the work it did.

Are such mechanisms still in place and more importantly do they work?

I know you and the Minister have been engaging with the public recently and this is of course to be welcomed but I feel sure you will agree that the most valuable resource our health service have is its staff.

I do trust that concerns are still capable of being raised without staff feeling vulnerable or threatened?

Yours sincerely

Bernard Moffatt

Director of Information”

Mr Couch prides himself on being open to concerns and suggestions so I feel sure he will give the proposal fair consideration after all as I say in the letter ‘the most valuable resource our health service have is its staff’.


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