Bong! Freedom Of Information – Freedom To Be Conned!


Bong! Right on cue ‘the Daily Bell’ rings out from Manx Radio with the latest utterance from the ‘dear leader’ about what ‘a brave new world’ its going to be now Freedom of Information (FOI) has arrived.

Allan is happy he lives in a media bubble where no one and no thing is allowed to challenge his view hence his confident assertion that this government (his government) puts more into the public domain then ever before.

But we still can’t have sight of any of the scandals of the past and we still cannot have specific detail of where all our money goes now. We can be told how much but not who to.

Over the years vast sums of your money have been distributed to the business community, sometimes in questionable circumstances, but you’ll never find out who got what or whether any reservations were expressed.

I’ll wager as we speak the shredding machines of government are working overtime to ensure that no record of the past of government will ever filter out.

It makes ‘sense’ as Allan says to roll-things out slowly and not to do things in a rush you wouldn’t want something to slip out that is best kept hidden.

This government is a great believer in freedom. Freedom of Information, freedom to flourish – freedom to be conned!

What new fairy story will tomorrow mornings ‘Daily Bell’ from Manx Radio bring – bong!


Issued by: The Celtic News



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