A Man Wearing A Wig And A Pantomime outfit Is Going To Talk About Conduct!


Speculation is running rife as next weeks House of Keys order paper is rejigged so that the Speaker can give one of his pompous diatribes on ‘The Conduct of Members’. What can it be about?

It’s not despite what some think (hope) anything to do with Tony Wild embracing a lamppost in Laxey. Wild is upstairs in Legco which is kind of the political equivalent of a fire proof vault. No they’re not going to move Tony without a stick of semtex or a wrecking ball.

So what could it be? Perhaps Rodan is going to tell members to stop making noises like farmyard animals when Peter Karran MHK is asking serious questions. Or better still he might tell Ministers they have to give serious answers to Peters questions – fat chance!

Possibly having told Peter Karran and Kate Beecroft that there are some difficult questions they can’t ask Ministers anymore now they’ll go the whole hog and tell them they can’t ask questions at all. After all anything is possible in this so called parliament.

These days Tynwald and the House of Keys are about as representative of a democracy as the Reichstag post 1933!

Anyway a man wearing a wig and a pantomime outfit is going to talk to members about their conduct next week in the Keys – watch this space

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