• April 26, 2012


Gaidhlig Speakers Divided on Independence

A short interview with the Alba Branch Secretary of the Celtic League has featured in the weekly Irish language newspaper supplement ‘Foinse’.

The article focuses on the views of Gaidhlig speakers in Scotland towards Scottish independence and Branch Secretary, Iain Ramsay, argues that speakers are divided on the issue. Mr Ramsay says that he is disappointed that some Scottish Gaidhlig speakers do not want independence, because in his view “Independence would also ensure progress for Scottish Gaidhlig.”

At the League 50th anniversary in 2012, Peter Berresford Ellis, who wrote the key note speech for the conference, paid tribute to Seumas Mac a’ Ghobhainn who wrote the booklet, Scotland – Not Only Free But Gaelic in 1987 and commented:

“…I know that Seumas would have been the first to declare that there is still a mountain to climb in changing Scottish attitudes towards the language in Scotland today.”

According to Mr Ramsay, it seems that even Gaidhlig speakers need to be persuaded of the benefits of an independent Scotland. The full translation of the article can be found below.

“Scottish Independence Question under Discussion

Gaidhlig speakers in Scotland are divided on the question of independence according to a language activist.

Iain Ramsay, spokesperson for the Scottish Branch of the Celtic League, said he was disappointed there are some Scottish Gaidhlig speakers who did not want independence for the country. “I think that many people in Scotland have an inferiority complex, not just Gaidhlig speakers, as they have been suppressed by England for so many years.

“The Celtic League fully supports Independence for Scotland and our aim is that all the Celtic nations would achieve independence. “ Mr Ramsay said that countries which had gained independence made more progress as they were in control of their own affairs.

It has been reported that 30% of the population of Scotland are in favour of independence. 26% of the population of England support it.

“Independence would also ensure progress for Scottish Gaidhlig “said Ramsay.


“It would give more status to the language”

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has said he will do his utmost to keep the United Kingdom together. However there was much discussion generated this week when Robert Murdoch declared his support for Scottish Independence on Twitter.

“England is scared of its life that they would loose Scotland; a country that is making them £155 a minute on oil” said Ramsay.

“I think Scotland will achieve independence as the people supported devolution when that referendum was held.”

Scotland and England came together as part of the United Kingdom in 1707 and a Scottish Parliament was set up in 1997.

It was reported that Alex Salmond wanted to hold a referendum in the month of September 2014. It is now believed that it will be called on the 18th October 2014.”

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The Celtic League has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It works to promote cooperation between these countries and campaigns on a broad range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, monitors all military activity and focuses on socio-economic issues.

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