• May 10, 2012


The month of May has been designated as Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) language month in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia and the area is celebrating by organising various events and activities to promote the language.

On their website Comhairle na Gàidhlig (or the Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia) write that for nearly two hundred years speakers have been discussing how long the Gàidhlig language will continue to survive in the province, but following a steep decline since the mid nineteenth century, the language today is experiencing something of a revival. Nova Scotia’s Gàidhlig speaking regions no longer exist in isolation, but the language is being shared once again within the communities where the language was once predominantly spoken. An Office of Gaelic Affairs has been set up to help to protect and promote the language and the Nova Scotia government even has a Minister of Gaelic Affairs.

In 2010, the Celtic League’s Editor and Convenor visited the province and met with Gàidhlig language campaigners and activists, including the CEO of the Office of Gaelic Affairs, Lewis MacKinnon. Up until the late 1990’s the League had a branch in Cape Breton – one of the traditional Gàidhlig speaking regions in Nova Scotia.

To celebrate the achievements of the language May has been designated ‘Gàidhlig month’ throughout the province, which is the only region outside Scotland where the Gàidhlig language is used. A list of some of the events that have been organised for the rest of this month can be found below.

Date: May 10
Event: Taigh Ceilidh – “The Storytellers”, Sgoil Ghàidhlig an Àrd-Bhaile, Citadel High School Gaelic Classes and An Cliath Clis milling group
Place: Military Family Resource Centre Windsor St –Young St, Halifax

Date: May 7 – 13
Event: Féis – The Gaelic College, https://www.gaeliccollege.edu/
Place: St. Ann’s

Date: May 12 – 13
Event: A weekend of Gaelic classes
Place: Àite nan Gàidheal, New Glasgow

Date: May 17
Event: Gaelic Vignettes in Antigonish County
Place: Antigonish Heritage Museum, Antigonish

Date: May 18
Event: “Experience Gaelic”: A Customized Program for School Children in the Pictou region to expose them to the living Gaelic language and culture
Place: Museum of Industry, Stellarton

Date: May 19
Event: Grand Mira Gaelic Day
Place: Grand Mira

Date: May 24
Event: Department of Education, Gaelic Conference for Teachers – Concert
Place: St. Andrew Junior School, Antigonish

Date: May 25
Event: Department of Education, Gaelic Conference for Teachers
Place: Claymore Inn, Antigonish

Date: May 26
Event: Comhairle na Gàidhlig Provincial Gathering: Workshops and activities, Gaelic Language sessions, Traditional Marag dinner; Guest speaker: Rodney MacDonald, CEO of The Gaelic College; M.C. Joe Murphy
Place: Community Centre, St. Andrew’s Antigonish Co.

Date: May 27
Event: Gaelic Ecumenical Service: Annual event with guest preacher, Father Calum MacLellan from the Isle of Eriskay
Place: Immaculate Conception Church, West Lake Ainslie, CB


Office of Gaelic Affairs

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