‘Turning the Page’

Ireland has become a strange place where folk like the late Daviid Trimble are almost beatified. The papers on both sides of the Irish Sea have lined up to pay tribute and Michael Martin pops up in the Newsletter to remark on;

“his achievements over many decades, often in challenging circumstances.”


I know you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead but my recollection of Trimble was of a rather petulant politician quick to turn on media interviewers who didn’t see ‘Ulster;’ in the 1922 time warp he was locked in. The enduring image is of him hand in hand with Paisley as they jogged through Drumcree with their sashes resplendent.

Of course everyone has ‘turned the page’ now and it’s a new ‘Ulster’ indeed a new Ireland.

Over at Declassified UK Anne Cadwallader reminds that fifty years ago the British were prepared to lie and smear to maintain the Union that Trimble loved so much.


As we ‘turn pages’ and reinvent things it’s good to see journalists like Anne still keep a ‘weather eye’ on the past. There is still the odd page that hasn’t seen the light of day after all!

Bernard Moffatt

AGS Celtic League (29 July 2022)

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