Pig-gate: Wave Your Union Jacks Now!


As I frequently say we don’t usually just link to other peoples work but one exception over the past few months has been Paul Kavanagh’s Scottish Indy and social comment blog Wee Ginger Dug.

I had been having second thoughts about commenting at all on Cameron and the so called ‘Pig-gate’ affair until I read Paul’s piece.

In it speaking about last years referendum he says;

“To all you No voters out there, if you had voted Yes with the rest of us last year, we wouldn’t currently be living in a country governed by a man who allegedly had sex with a dead pig. Reflect on that over your bacon sandwich as you realise that the entire world is laughing at the United Kingdom.”

That sentiment is true of countries outside the United Kingdom but which have a link with it like the Isle of Man.

Some people in Mann, ad nauseam, like to prattle on about the link to the UK as if it is some sort of ‘sacred umbilical cord’. In actually fact we have known for some time the UK is a country of the past! It is unable to punch its weight on the world scene anymore. Now to add weight to its demise we know it is also a laughing stock and those linked to it are tainted by association. It has been ruled in recent times by administrations around which have swirled allegations verging from the dark and devious (as epitomised by the Thatcher government’s suppression of abuse scandals to the totally ludicrous as epitomised by Cameron and a dead pig!

Interestingly as the UK media yesterday desperately sought to play the revelations down World media positively revelled in them (link):

Why David Cameron’s ‘Pig-Gate’ Scandal Isn’t Going Away

Here’s Paul Kavanagh’s take on it (link):



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