Mann: What Has Happened to Truth?


This week what must be one of the most bizarre press releases of all time was issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

Bedevilled for several weeks earlier this year by a continuous series of burglaries which seemed to go on (with a brief interim sabbatical) forever, the Manx Police proved unable – despite deployment of considerable resources – to get a grip on the situation.

Eventually frustration turned to embarrassment and as the number of incidents reached (approx.) 50 Police stopped publishing information. This was a counter productive move on a small Island where news of such events circulates via social media within hours.

However, eventually the crimes ceased and the perpetrators, now presumed to be from off Island, moved on to ‘fresh pastures’.

Asked this week for an update on the Police investigation the Home Affairs Minister answered:

‘We believe we have successfully disrupted them’ (see link).

Even the Police seem to have been caught off guard by the disingenuous nature of the Minister’s statement simply saying:

‘We have nothing further to add to the comment from the Minister, at this time.’

Now there is no factual basis for the Ministers statement about disrupting the crimes, no evidence to back his assertion up.

The police were already ‘in a hole over the issue’, the Minister has simply jumped in with a shovel and dug it a bit deeper!

One has to ask: What has happened to truth?

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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