Foreign Ministers Visit Strengthens Irish Scottish Links


Irelands Minister for Foreign Affairs has stressed the potential for increased bilateral trade between Ireland and Scotland.

Charles Flanagan, TD, was speaking at the Europa Institute in Edinburgh. During his visit to Scotland the Foreign Minister will be meeting Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.
In his address at the Europa Institute he said:

“Within the framework of the British-Irish relationship, our links with Scotland are particularly important. The Irish and Scottish economies have much in common. Our economies are open and diverse, and growth is closely linked to our performances in terms of exports and tourism. We thus share an interest in free trade and competition.

“The level of business exchange between Ireland and Scotland is robust and growing. Irish companies such as AIB, Bank of Ireland, Glennon Brothers, Sisk, Roadbridge and many others are heavily engaged in generating business and jobs in Scotland. In all, more than 250 indigenous Irish companies are exporting goods and services to Scotland. In Ireland, Scottish-based companies like SSE – Scottish and Southern Electricity – which owns Airtricity, are making an enormous contribution to our economy.”

In addition to meeting the Scottish First Minister Mr Flanagan will also meet Fiona Hyslop, Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs and the London government’s representative in Scotland, Alistair Carmichael, as well as representatives from the Irish, business, academic and cultural communities.

The full text of the Minister’s speech is on the Department of Foreign Affairs website here:

Report on the visit in the Irish Post here:

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