Fear On The Highway As ‘Targetted Policing’ Gets Underway!


Reports come in of folk being stopped for relatively minor vehicle infringements ‘rear light taped up pending repair’ etc. No doubt all worthy stuff as what was termed rather bizarrely last week the Isle of Man Constabulary Road Traffic Unit ‘taking a stand’ against errant motorists gets underway.

However notably no response from ‘the Lubyanka’ aka the Central Police Head Quarters to my suggestion they might want to have a stroll round the traffic pounds of commercial premises such as the transport companies hauliers Manx Gas, Telecom etc. Not forgetting of course our own government Departments like Bank Circus, the MUA, DOI etc. Obviously this is ‘targeted policing’ and you and I – i.e. the ‘hoi polloi’ are the target!

Come to think of it they might like to check the Electric Trams, as they rattle across unfenced crossings in several areas. They can give the Horse Trams a miss for the time as the jury is still out on that!

Anyway we should get an update from Manx Radio in the morning they seem to be playing an integral role in this initiative – and quite right to! A community effort that’s what’s needed – now where are those burglars at the moment?


Issued by: The Celtic News



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