• March 15, 2016


A news item on Energy FM puts the government’s statistics on fuel poverty in sharp relief (link):


Entitled 3,500 homes in fuel poverty it brings home the reality of the governments attempts to play down the issue by saying at 10% the figure here is better than the UK.

So what on an Island that is constantly trumpeting its economic success and how it punches above its weight (and all the other useless spin that government churns out) is a disgrace that effectively the number of households that would comprise a town on the Island have had a cold winter?

Nor are things going to get better because from his centrally heated office having arrived from his comfortable home the Chief Ministers comes out with drivel about there being no ‘short term fixes’. This is rubbish there has been no attempt to address this problem which existed long before the disgrace of the Manx Gas increases and the MUA price hike.

I personally have my doubts about the accuracy of the government’s statistics as there was a paucity of detail in their report or any indication of the methodology used.

Well here is another statistic! In the UK between Dec 2014 and March an estimated 15,000 died unnecessarily because of fuel poverty – certainly a short term fix might have helped there! But hey! That’s just an uncomfortable fact that the COMIN bunch wish to ignore.

It’s typical of this government producing something on paper to try and talk down the problem while failing to address.

We have a government of shameless charlatans who line their own pockets with fat salaries and count the days until their gold-plated pension but do nothing to address the biting issues that see them trumpet overseas aid while doing nothing to address fuel and food poverty at home.

In fact this week as Messrs Henderson and Teare will continue their assault, using Dependability, on those on incapacity benefit so more people will join those suffering deprivation via income poverty.

The Isle of Man paradise for some purgatory for others and a government that just does not get it or care!


Issued by: The Mannin Branch Celtic League



The Celtic League established in 1961 has branches in the six Celtic Countries including our own Mannin branch. It promotes cooperation between the countries and campaigns on a range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, military activity and socio-economic issues

The link for the main web pages is below:


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