• November 29, 2015


I have responded to the reply from government about concerns about fuel poverty this winter suggesting that while they ‘research’ the issue people will freeze or get into deeper debt.

In effect fuel poverty will lead to real poverty. I have urged the Chief Minister and COMIN to stop sitting on their thumbs over the issue and suggested both the Manx Government and Mans Gas should ‘recalibrate their moral compass’.

Text below:

“Carl Hawker FCCA
Acting Executive Director, Policy and Strategy
Cabinet Office
3rd Floor Central Government Office

26th November 2015

Dear Carl,

Thank you for your letter, received today, replying to my query to the Chief Minister about fuel poverty and thank you for responding reasonably expeditiously.

I note your comment about measures used in other jurisdictions however I am bound to say the 10% example is the one I have seen identified in WHO reports. In any case it seems a high enough benchmark so why prevaricate?

I note you are undertaking research and without being in any way caustic I would suggest the government could if it wished resolve this conundrum over the potential crisis caused by Manx Gas price increases fairly simply and that is by commissioning independent research in a variety of homes types (by virtue of insulation etc) in which the houses are heated for a seven day period to the recommended winter temp 21 degrees C living room 18 degrees other rooms (with appropriate offset for external weather conditions).

I believe we will soon have an indication that in many homes heated by gas the 10% threshold would be exceeded.

My main concern is that whilst the Chief Minister awaits the outcome of his research people will suffer by not turning on heating (many have communicated as much to us already) others will get into debt by borrowing to pay excessive gas bills.

In effect fuel poverty because of the greed of one energy supplier on this Island will ‘fuel’ real poverty in many households.

It is not good enough; I am in no way critical of you or the ‘policy and strategy unit’, more the Chief Minister and COMIN for ‘sitting on their thumbs’ over this issue.

There is no justification for this price hike and government needs to prevail upon Manx Gas to see sense over the matter and subordinate their greed. Put bluntly both government and Manx Gas need to ‘recalibrate their moral compass’ on this issue!

Yours sincerely
J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
cc Chief Ministers Office”

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