• September 7, 2015


The French government terrorist who led the attack on the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior in Auckland, New Zealand in July 1985 has a spoken publicly about the attack.

Jean-Luc Kister has apologised for the first time for the incident in an interview with TVNZ. He admitted the action “resulted in the accidental death of an innocent man”, photographer Fernando Pereira. He also confirmed that the orders for the attack came from the French President.


It confirms what I asserted a decade ago when in a news release entitled;


“France is, the English media tell us, ‘soaking in a warm bath of Mitterand nostalgia’.

This week a plaque in his honour was unveiled in Paris and there have been a range of books and a number of TV documentaries produced.

But wait a moment! Before we get too carried away, is this not the same Francois Mitterand who hid his fascist past in the Vichy administration.

Is not this also the leader of France that sanctioned the criminal terrorist attack on the Greenpeace vessel, Rainbow Warrior, in which a young journalist was murdered.

People like Mitterand cannot be rehabilitated. When he left office he was surrounded by financial scandal and the curtain had been drawn back on his obsessively secret private life.

This is the man France now honours and this says a lot for France and the French!

(Bernard Moffatt 7th July 2006)”

Some months later commenting on the naïveté of Presidential hopeful I said:

“For a French Presidential ‘hopeful’ Ségloène Royal seems surprisingly naive.

When news of the linkage of her campaign to the activities of her brother, Gérard, in the sinking of the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior Royal is reported to have been “a bit surprised’ at the fuss being made over her brothers involvement in the sabotage and murder in Auckland Harbour in July 1985.

Later when pressed on the issue again she is reported to have said “I have a brother, who 20 years ago was a soldier, a frogman, for whom I have a lot of admiration. He was indeed involved in a detestable act. But he had received orders for that.”

Ségloène Royal seems to believe that the somewhat hackneyed excuse ‘he was only obeying orders’ absolves him, the others involved in the murderous act and indeed the French establishment of the day up to and including the then President.

It is absolutely outrageous that all the members of the French military and political establishment have never been held to account for their actions. In this regard the complacent denial of the French establishment is matched only by the craven inertia of successive New Zealand governments who were too intimidated by economic considerations to properly hold France to account.

Ségloène Royal has also said in relation to the murder of photographer, Fernando Pereira, “Fortunately, the nuclear tests stopped. But clearly, and unfortunately, a person died.”

However, what is really unfortunate is that even after all these years the French government, the French people and the ‘Royal family’ including Presidential hopeful Ségloène don’t seem to wish to atone for their collective guilt.”

(Bernard Moffatt 7th October 2006)

Anyway it confirms what we have always said the French State got away with murder and the US, UK and others did nothing.

Strange how ‘State sponsored terrorism’ gets the green light!


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