• November 20, 2018

We reported the story of the controversy caused in Brittany by the attempt of Jean-Christophe and Lydia Bernard who wanted to register Frank their son with the registry in Quimper but because they used the Breton spelling Fañch and the letter as a ‘tide’ over its ñ this was proscribed by the registration authorities.


We urged people throughout the Celtic countries to support the campaign to have his name registered. Eventually the authorities in Quimper backed down and allowed Frank to have his name spelled in the way it should be.

However the French registry authorities still remained intransigent until today when an Appeal Court in Rennes upheld the decision

Celtic League supported a petition circulated at the time and Culture-Bretagne notified me of the success by email late today.

So a belated first birthday present for Fañch!

Here’s a link to a Culture-Bretagne release:


Related link:


Image: Image: Jean-Christophe and Lydia Bernard with Fañch.

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant Secretary General
Celtic League

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