• January 10, 2020
As the countries of the British Irish Council debate the future of indigenous languages in a sedate manner (see earlier post on these pages) national minorities in France have the fight of their lives on as this petition from a group representing occitan-langue d’oc, basque, breton, catalan, corsican, western flemish, standard German and dialectal alsacien and mosellan, savoyard (arpitan-francoprovençal), languages d’Oïl, the Creoles and the indigenous languages of the Overseas territories illustrates:
On November 30th language rights groups will hold a demonstration of the French Department for Education in Paris buses are being laid on from Breizh according to this ABP report
Bernard Moffatt
Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (24 November 2019)
Mobilisation Générale Pour Que Vivent Nos Langues
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