• March 23, 2010

France is due to provide a submission to the Committee Against Torture (CAT) as part of the regular series of reports by State Parties to the United Nations body.

The French delegates are likely to be pressed on legal access and pre-trial detention of terrorism suspects.

In the List of Issues to be taken up in connection with the consideration of the fourth to sixth periodic reports of France (CAT/C/FRA/4-6) issued by the Committee in January 2010 they ask:

“In its last concluding observations (CCPR/C/FRA/CO/4), the Human Rights Committee recommended that the State party ensure that terrorism suspects placed in custody should have prompt access to a lawyer, that it limit the duration of pre-trial detention and that it reinforce the role of “liberty and custody judges” (juges des libertés et de la détention). Please provide information on action taken on this recommendation.”

Access to lawyers and the length of the pre-trial detention of a number of Breton detainees has been highlighted in recent years by the Celtic League.

France will appear at the Committee on the 27th and 28th of April 2010.

Link CAT Sessions’s pages here:


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