The Burglars Are Back – Where’s Juan?


Well top marks to Manx Radio for doing some investigatory journalism which disturbingly reveals that ‘the burglars’ may be back. The radio reports that although the police seem reluctant to reveal info (déjà vu last year) a substantial number of burglaries took place in the last few weeks (see link):…/isle-…/burglary-figures-revealed/

Because of the dearth of information it’s impossible to assess if this latest outbreak has any linkage to the spate of burglaries that rocked the Island about a year ago when it seemed there was a very focused and organised campaign.

Meanwhile no marks at all for Home Affairs Minister, Juan Watterson MHK, who although he seems to have a penchant for uniforms is concentrating on the wrong type of uniform at present. Ministerial ‘flies on the wall’ tell me Juan has an obsession with militarism I suppose it’s what comes of giving ‘a young lad’ a uniform.

As the election looms Juan is becoming less Minister for Home Affairs and Forces Champion and more the ‘Minister of Burglaries’! Let us hope if the ‘hole in the wall gang’ are on the loose again Juan concentrates on the day job!


Issued by: The Celtic News



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