Tabloid Sneering Is No Threat to Cornish Language


In typical sneering and Anglo centric style the Mirror newspaper reported this week on a decision to put dual signage on all Cornish Police Stations.

One would have hoped the Mirror would have seen the value of the move and endorsed respect for one of the oldest languages and cultures in these Islands, but because the signage will be Cornish and English in typical dismissive fashion the paper questioned the wisdom of the move.

Just to illustrate its ‘dissatisfaction’ it chose several times in the article (see link) to highlight how few people speak Cornish.

It finished the article in the same contemptuous manner by inserting a survey asking
‘Should Cornwall try to preserve its old language’ YES or NO.

We hope all readers of Celtic League web sites and also our associated sites will visit the Mirrors link and send a clear message by voting YES and supporting the Cornish language. Already those voting have sent a clear message with (at the time this release was drafted over 90% had endorsed YES).

It is to the credit of all National campaigning groups in Cornwall that the status of the countries language and culture has never been better and it will take more than derision from a ‘LONDON TABLOID’ to shake that!

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J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
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