Oath of allegiance to the Queen – indigenous member of the Australian upper house to to recite it properly

Good on Green Party senator Lidia Thorpe for her protest in telling the truth about UK imperialism in Australia.

[Australian senator told to repeat oath after she labels Queen ‘a coloniser’ (msn.com)


Reading from the official printed card, she said:

“I sovereign, Lidia Thorpe, do solemnly and sincerely swear that I will be faithful and I bear true allegiance to the colonising her majesty the Queen.”

The protest “caused consternation among some of her colleagues in the house and senate president, Sue Lines demanded that she recite the oath as printed.

One senator told her, “You can’t be a senator if you don’t do it properly.”

Ms Thorpe subsequently re-took the oath, reading it correctly.”She later tweeted a photograph of her raised fist in the air, writing, “Sovereignty never ceded.”

The indigenous people of Australia did not have a concept of sovereignty, getting by without a monarch. However, the UK just walked into their land and took it over. Actually, it reminds one of events closer to home this year. The imperialism and genocide are the same. Some of Putin’s crooks have stooped to poisoning people they want rid of. During the colonisation of Australia, some of the colonists gave grain laced with strychnine to indigenous communities to get rid of them, sometimes 100 people at a time.


Allen Moore,

Mannin Branch Secretary, Celtic League (2nd August 2022)

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