MI5: A Body Locked in its Own Past


You are supposed to be able to learn a lot about an organisation by its brand logo or kitemark that thing that makes it easily recognisable.

Recently we’ve been learning a lot about MI5 (no I’m not going to go on about the Kincora Home scandal again) and we revealed how it has a charity fund to help ‘down at heel spies’ or their dependants – of course being MI5 the Charity Commissioners have given them a dispensation to keep the detail secret. (see link):


We thought we would have a look at the organisations ‘kitemark’ in another attempt to understand what motivates the spooks.

Conveniently these days they have a web page which contains not a lot of meaningful information (well they are secret) but strangely they do want to talk about their ‘crest’ (see link):


What is interesting about this is that although apparently compiled fairly recently 1981 the crest has almost a mediaeval theatricality about it. Mythological beast is juxtaposed with portcullis symbols and the crown. There’s a bit of Latin thrown in and of course just to demonstrate what we all suspected i.e. that it’s essentially an English organisation, the ubiquitous ‘English Rose’.

Let’s get real! The message it sends out is ‘retro’ it is plainly a body locked in the past – very likely its own past. You can see immediately why it has such great difficulty confronting the intelligence challenges of today. Why it was unable to stop some of the militant Islamist attacks in the UK and how it failed miserably to predict the vast exodus of radicalised young Moslems to the Middle East and the ‘charnel house’ of Islamic State.

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