• April 24, 2017

Secretary of the Scottish branch of the Celtic League, Iain Ramsay writes that it is time for Scotland to ‘cut ourselves loose from a sinking ship’:

Teresa May should be thanked, for her pointing out, that England needs Scotland’s Exports. How did she do this, simple, by saying that 48 per cent of our trade is to England. Are you saying Teresa that you buy all this food and other goods because you think we are nice guys? No Mrs May, you buy the stuff because you need it, and would struggle without it. This is best illustrated by going back to the last war, when underpopulated Scotland, sent millions of tons of beef, and agricultural products to feed overpopulated England. Even neutral Ireland, also exported a large proportion of her agricultural products to keep England from being starved out, which Herr Hitler was hell bent in doing.

Recently I pointed this out, of all places, in a Tory Club, whilst visiting relatives in England. The Tories answer was, well we paid for the goods. No one said you didn’t, I replied, but Scotland had to suffer a totally unnecessary strict rationing, designed for England’s problems, and to the detriment of Scotland’s.priorities. Lets face it, Per head of population, Scotland is the wealthiest of these seven nations of those Islands, with the geographic term Britain. Scotland being underpopulated exports food, England in contrast is overpopulated, and must Import food by the ton.

I said to my Tory friend, that we are still awaiting a simple thank you, but instead we get Tory insults like the recent subsidy junkies outburst, which brings to mind the old saying, that they bite the hand that feeds them. They stole our oil Bonanza to bolster their poor performance economy, and have just handed out five new licence’s for three new fields. Which with the present oil price rise, will be back up there, to when they were collecting £155 per second, We Scots need all this wealth for our own future generations, and we haven’t mentioned Whisky where we have more lying in vat, than there is gold in their bank of England. No wonder they are holding on to us like grim death, Despite our food parcels England is broke, so why don’t we wise up, and cut ourselves loose from a sinking ship, no point of going down with her.

Submitted by Iain Ramsay 21/04/17

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