• January 24, 2016


Just when you thought it was safe to switch radio stations the Chief Minister pops up on 3fm. I don’t know whose running his communications schedule these days but however it is he would have given Joseph Goebbels a run for his money!

The Chief Minister seems to have four basic messages:

1) Working people have to stay in their box and the Unions should stop being a nuisance.
2) We need to give business people (especially the Chamber) whatever they want even if that means relaxing planning, giving out money to ‘entrepreneurs’ (what someone commenting on here rather unkindly called ‘spivs’) – the last bit to include tax breaks.
3) We all have to recognise that ‘we are not out of the woods yet’ and there will be ‘more pain’.
4) When the government has to announce bad news it’s actually good news.

It was this latter point that was made on 3fm one of the ‘news lite’ radio stations.

The title of the item is:

“Prosperity despite rise in unemployment”

There’s an audio clip and the CM is saying its ok despite the rise in unemployed (which was expected) but generally everyone is doing fairly well and there’s lots of job opportunities.

Except that’s not what you hear from folk. The word and mood on the street is one of austerity and income decline. Both public and private sector workers have had no increases in pay or very minimal ones for several years. Prices for basics here i.e. everything from food to energy is through the roof and every other month there’s a new charge – and we’ve still got Eddie’s budget to come!

Do MHKs/MLCs do the weekly shop – we know they don’t pay for their fuel!

The next six months could stretch incomes to breaking point for those on the lower and middle earning spectrum as the peak period energy charges come in and bills for rates and other indirect taxation is levied.

Apparently one thing the statistics do show is that construction is flat at present so why the government want to encourage more house building I don’t know although they could usefully expand social housing to improve the quality of life for low income families forced to live in expensive private rentals.

There is some suggestion that a major announcement is due on the regeneration of the bus station area in Douglas well that will be good news….except I wonder how much public money is being proffered as carrot to get the project of the ground.

It’s ‘the great Manx give-away’ but they are not going to give anything to the punters.

But don’t worry are prosperity is on the increase the CM said so!


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