• February 2, 2016

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The Cornish were included under the terms of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCPNM) in April 2014, following many years of active campaigning on the issue, but how successfully has the Convention been implemented in respect of the Cornish?

This is a question that the FCPNM Advisory Committee will no doubt be asking representatives of Lys Kernow/ Cornwall Council, during their planned meeting on Wednesday 9th March 2016. However, as in all these cases shadow reports from individuals and organisations would be welcomely received by the Committee ahead of their visit, to provide a clearer picture about what those in Cornish civil society think.

It is important to point out that the terms of the Convention makes numerous references to the protection of the language of the national minority grouping, but the Convention is also designed to protect all those who self identify as Cornish. So if a Cornish organisation or an individual would like to get in touch with the Advisory Committee to make their views known, in the form of a shadow report or simply sending an email, then a link to their contact page can be found below:

The FCPNM highlight the important role that NGO’s have in monitoring the effective implementation of the Convention. On its website it states:

“NGOs and minority associations have a key role in the monitoring mechanism of the Framework Convention. Resolution 97 (10) on the monitoring arrangements of the FCNM explicitly provides that the Advisory Committee may receive and invite information from sources other than the State Report.

“In practice, NGOs and minority associations, with the support from international NGOs such as Minority Rights Group (MRG), have very often used this opportunity to provide the Advisory Committee with well researched reports informing about the state of implementation of the Framework Convention on the ground. Such alternative information as well as the possibility to have direct contacts with NGOs, have been greatly appreciated by the Advisory Committee. They have proved to be essential for the Advisory Committee to effectively fulfil its monitoring tasks.”

Please note that the 9th March visit is a later date than the previous date suggested in the Celtic League article published on 23/11/15 (see link below).


FCPNM Advisory Committee to Visit Cornwall:

Information about the Convention:

Cornish Recognised Under the Convention:


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