• May 8, 2016

Even as the fishing community were sitting down yesterday evening in Burtonport, Donegal, to see a premiere showing of the film ‘Atlantic’ made by Irish documentary film maker Risteard Ó Domhnaill the problem the film highlights was being exacerbated.

In the film, which focuses on not just Ireland but also Norway and Newfoundland, Irish fishermen speak about the dearth of fishing stocks caused by the rapacious activities of factory trawlers of their coast.

The massive vessels can catch and process 250 tonnes of fish a day and stay at sea for weeks. Indigenous fishermen have therefore to search hard for stocks that are left often having to put to sea at times when sea conditions are difficult weather wise. A one fisherman puts it in the film if they don’t keep going out there will be no wages.

As the film premiered we thought we would check up on several of the larger vessels and sure enough about 50 miles north of Donegal we found the 8000 tonne Jan Maria hovering her way through the fish stocks.

The Jan Maria was on a Greenpeace blacklist for not reporting her catch correctly (link):


The Jan Maria is flagged in Germany but like many of these super trawlers she is operated by Dutch interests.

Two other large vessels (one almost twice the size of Jan Maria) and which we logged of Donegal a few weeks ago are I port in the Netherlands no doubt preparing for another trip.

How long the sea can stand this onslaught is unclear and meanwhile national
Governments and the EU do nothing – only people power will halt this destruction!

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