• May 14, 2018

Figures released by the Police Service of Northern Ireland prove conclusively that 50% of investigations into ‘legacy killings’ are targeted at republicans.

There has been a major furore in recent months stoked by military figures. Some British politicians including Ministers and retired senior army figures are suggesting that cases against former soldiers were being pursued disproportionately. These ‘lobbyists’ want a dispensation or limitation on prosecution so that alleged British Army murderers can get of the hook.

However the PSNI seem to have been finally stung into action and the figures released show that most cases being probed to date involve republicans and 70% of investigations into killings during the troubles do not involve the so called ‘security forces’.

The PSNI figures are:

530 Cases attributed to republicans

271 Cases attributed to loyalists

354 Cases attributed to security forces

33 Unknown

In parallel with the ‘let the British Army of the hook in Ulster’ a parallel campaign is being waged to discredit cases being pursued against troops over their conduct during the Iraq War.

It seems the message from some politicians and former military officers is that the British Military can behave with impunity and get away with murder.

Now we have had the ‘statistics’ from the PSNI we look forward to them pursuing the cases against former squaddies more diligently – don’t hold your breath however!

Image: British troops in Ireland – they got away with torture now some UK politicians think they should get away with murder as well!

Bernard Moffatt

pp Celtic League Military Monitoring

May 14th 2018

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