• March 1, 2016


Well blow me! You could have knocked me down with a straw there was State Radio (it used to be called Manx Radio) broadcasting an item that must have been music to the ears of Mec Vannin and its supporters – although some of the punters interviewed for this ‘vox pop’ and wishing to take part in ‘the referendum’ didn’t seem to realise it was taking place in another country! (Link):


An oft overlooked fact is that Mec Vannin has questioned our links with the European Union since ‘Charlie and Co’ came back from London decades ago in a parody of Neville Chamberlains ‘Peace in our time’ and told the gullible Manx public that the Isle of Man was going to enjoy ‘the best of both worlds.’

The ‘best of both worlds’ became apparent almost immediately as some categories of Manx person renewing their passports found the documents over-stamped with wording which effectively made them a ‘non person’ in terms of some EU provisions

The Party predicted at the time that the link to the EU whilst opening up advantages to the spivs and speculators who had just started to wash upon out shores would be injurious to traditional industries. It was considered wildly speculative but forty years on that is just what seems to have happened.

MV the last time it reviewed its policy said the Island should renegotiate its own relationship external to the EU and indeed some years ago the then International relations Officer Illiam Costain went to ‘EU Central’ he met with officials to discuss the special difficulties for peripheral small States like Mann.

That initiative took place long before the Manx government dreamed off having a ‘presence’ in Brussels which at that time most of COMIN thought was just the name of a vegetable.

Now its COMIN themselves that are ‘the vegetables’ contemplating ruefully what is likely to happen in the UK and unable to do anything, despite the Chief Ministers words, to influence matters.

The ‘best of both worlds’ yes – quite!


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