Unique Ceremony Remembers Fallen Police Officers


Last week on June 16th a commemoration took place at the cemetery in Rawson in the Chubut Province of Argentina that had a unique Celtic connection

Police officers, including the Deputy Chief of Police for Chubut Province , Marcelo Gauna, gathered to pay tribute to officers killed in the line of duty over the years.

The police parish priest, Fabian Garcia, conducted a short service to remember the fallen police officers and wreaths were laid, Marcelo Gauna also reminded those present of the significance of the day.

He said that the date was fixed to mark the anniversary of the first police officer to die in the line of duty in the Chubut on June 16th 1879.

The officer’s name was Aaron Jenkins and he was one of the first Welsh settlers to make their home in that area of the Patagonia .

Born in Wales , the son of John and Rachel Jenkins, he lived in Merthyr Tydfil . Jenkins along with his first wife, Mary James Davies, emigrated to Patagonia on the ‘Mimosa’ sailing ship in 1865 when he was 35 years old.

Jenkins was a significant figure in the early days of the Welsh colony in Patagonia . The original settlers found the land was not as arable as expected due to low rainfall but Jenkins helped introduce a system of irrigation that turned around the farming fortunes of the new community.

He was killed by a Chilean criminal he had been taking from the town of Gaiman to Rawson in 1879

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