Shameless! Now A Tax ‘Give Away’ To Complement The £50 Million ‘Tax-Away’


Do you remember that series on Channel 4 called ‘Shameless’ well I think there’s scope for a rerun of the series in a slightly different form featuring our Council of Ministers (COMIN).

Latest give-away (don’t get excited it’s not for you) is via tax relief in the new Manx Enterprise Investment Scheme (aka tax dodgers charter).

This is just going out for consultation and it is to complement that £50 million we all ‘decided’ to give away from our reserves. Well actually Tynwald decided for us but they didn’t pay a great deal of attention to it (they were preoccupied with the fact they might have to pay for their parking at the time) so no one flagged up that about 20-30% of the “£50 million will just be lost money.

Now it seems there will be more lost cash as successful punters in the MEIS lottery will ‘get a pass’ on £20-40 thousand in tax.

The consultation is here:

You can submit a view if you wish but if you don’t find the idea stimulating I wouldn’t spend too much time voicing your objections this will go ahead whatever you say.

COMIN want it on the statute just around about the time that we all start paying more tax. That’s the ‘beauty’ of it they an give away our reserves let some have a tax break and if there’s a shortfall we just pay more – simple!

SHAMELESS – you couldn’t make it up!

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