Scotland: MoD Dirty Tricks at Smith Commission


An article in Scotland’s Herald newspaper today reveals behind the scenes double-dealing which effectively blocked powers which should have been devolved.

The newspaper article says:

“Internal emails reveal that senior MOD figures told the Commission it would be “helpful” if the final report on devolution included the point: “Anything which impacts on the operational effectiveness of conducting defence business should be excluded”.

It is clear that the Ministry of Defence were concerned at proposals to hand over control of Health and Safety and also the Crown estates.

The revelations should be a major cause of concern to both the Scottish government and the Scottish people. It is clear that the MOD concerns over Health and safety relate to its nuclear facilities in Scotland. Many including the Celtic League have said that these facilities would not stand scrutiny by a properly independent Scottish Health and Safety Body and the cosy arrangement the MOD currently has with UK regulators would have been exposed for the sham it is.

The desire to retain control of elements of the Crown estates relates to sea-bed areas in the Clyde and of the West Coast. Once again the ability of the UK to cling on to powers over these areas precludes Scotland developing the natural resources of these areas which will remain a playground for the UK military.

These revelations could form the basis for an emergency resolution at the Celtic League AGM next month in Dublin.

Link to the Herald article hear:

Also an excellent and caustic analysis on the Wee Ginger Dug blog here:

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