Osborne ‘High Priest of Austerity’ Claim


The Scottish National Party has described UK Chancellor George Osborne as the “High Priest of an Austerity Cult”

George Osborne the UK government Chancellor announced his budget today. In it he set out plans to cut the welfare budget by £12bn.

The Scottish National Party’s Treasury spokesman at Westminster, Stewart Hosie, has described the Budget as “less a plan to boost productivity, which should have been at the heart of this, and more a sermon from the high priest of an austerity cult”. The SNP said Mr Osborne was “taking from the poor, giving to the rich”.

Other organisations have strongly criticised the measures announced in the Budget. The housing group Shelter Scotland described the plan to stop those aged 18 to 21 claiming housing benefit as “shameful, unjustified and cruel”. Its Director Graeme Brown went on to say: “This completely removes the safety net that is in place to protect young people whose circumstances often prevent them from staying in or returning to the family home.” Jackie Brock, chief executive of the organisation Children in Scotland, described moves to cut child tax credits “shameful”, saying they would “punish children born into larger low income families”.

Here are Stuart Hosie’s comments as reported in the Scottish National Party website: https://www.snp.org/media-centre/news/2015/jul/hosie-budget-will-hit-poorest-families-hardest

(Source: Alistair Kneale – Mannin branch)

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