Opposition Grows to Glasgow Orange March


Almost 30,000 people have signed one petition condemning Glasgow City Council for allowing the Orange Order to effectively take over George Square in the City tomorrow for a so-called ‘Orangefest’. Meanwhile another petition calling for all sectarian marches to be banned from the city has attracted 25,000 signatures so far.

A link to the two petitions is here:

Hold GCC to account on Orangefest – the people of Glasgow say ‘No More!’

Ban all sectarian marches from Glasgow

The decision to allow George Square to be used by the Unionist body is particularly emotive as this is the place where loyalist gangs ran amok in the aftermath of the referendum vote attacking YES supporters.

Writing about the Council decision in his pro-independence blog commentator Paul Kavanagh (aka Wee Ginger Dug) in his usual acerbic style says:

“Membership of the Orange Order has been in decline for decades. Their family friendly brand of bigotry, hatred, social exclusion and ill-fitting crimplene uniforms just don’t have the same appeal that they once did. Now they’re trying to claim that they should be allowed to use George Square because they’re an “ethnic minority”. The Orange Order have as little understanding of what it means to be an ethnic minority, or indeed any sort of oppressed minority, as they do of the malign effects of sectarianism.”

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