New Governor: At Least He Has The Kit For Dealing With The Natives!


A new Lt Governor has been appointed to the Isle of Man (to take Office from April 2016). As the Manx Government web pages were not up to speed with this ‘earth shattering development’ earlier a cynic would say were the Manx government aware of the decision?

However such cynicism would be misplaced because the Manx Government is part of the process of appointing the Lt Governor these days. This is described as progress you get to participate in choosing someone without a democratic mandate to ‘GOVERN’ you country. Tynwald even made a hash some years ago of an attempt to change the title to make it less cosmetically demeaning but whatever you termed it would not alter the nature of the beast and the message it delivers – subservience!

Have Manx politicians no self suspect! Will there be not one who speaks out about the iniquitous hangover from the end of Empire! See his picture at least he’s kitted out for dealing with the natives!

We effectively have for the next several years at our expense in Government House which we maintain a ‘prize turkey’ seeing out the fag-end of their career with a neat sinecure from the Manx people.

Governors of course today have little power even their symbolism we are told is much reduced. As I said the other day (in another post) tell that to the last Chief Minister of the Island who was called in and shown the door.

The Lt Governor is still a significant figure if only because he is illustrative of the fact that the Isle of Man Government lacks the maturity and courage to take control of our Nations future.

If ever the adage ‘Trumpton’ was appropriate it’s appropriate today as this appointment proves once again we have a ‘pretend government’ in a ‘pretend parliament’.

A link to IOMToday story about the new appointee (haven’t checked perhaps the government web site has caught up by now)!
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