More Bad News for DHA over Privatisation Strategy


Bad news for Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Minister Juan Watterson MHK who currently has a consultation ongoing concerning the possible the privatisation of some police services.

Watterson’s plans, it seems, include replacing police in roles such as the custody of prisoners by private companies.

However, a front page story in Scottish tabloid newspaper ‘The Daily Record’ today says that hard pressed staff employed in Scotland by prominent private security conglomerate G4S have been falling asleep on the job while in charge of serious offenders. The tabloid story also refers to other security lapses.

The Daily Record claims G4S have accepted the allegations and are investigating them.

The story claims the problem is caused by swingeing cuts and layoffs at the private security giant.

Ironically G4S were given the contract in Scotland because of problems with an earlier private security provider, Reliance, who allowed a substantial number of prisoners to escape.

All in all the brave new path of privatisation that the Home Affairs Minister wants to lead the Isle of Man down does not seem quite so rosy.

The Celtic League has been seeking clarification on the DHA proposals and also details of the impact of police privatisations elsewhere.

Last week we revealed several UK Police Forces had either dropped planned privatisation or failed to renew earlier contracts with providers because of costs (see links below).

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J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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