Legislative Council – The Rotten Borough of Manx Politics


The Manx media – god bless them – tried to make it interesting but in reality the latest attempt by the House of Keys to elect members to fill vacant seats in the Legislative Council was about as interesting as ‘four bald men fighting over a comb’.

Legislative Council, once (many years ago) well respected as an unelected reforming arm of the legislature, has seen its reputation plummet in recent years and no House of Keys legislative term these days is complete without promises (and failed attempts) to reform what is in effect the ‘rotten borough’ of Manx politics.

Today’s anti-climax will spur the Keys to end the debacle at the next round as the whole pantomime seems set to further tarnish the reputation of Keys members (most of whom who are already unpopular and in some instances loathed by the public).

If that is the case it will be an exact repeat of the situation the last time major elections were held to the Legislature when literally by the last round any passing ‘man and his dog’ would have been elected.

“Reform! Reform!” Will be the cry after this current round of embarrassment has ended, but in truth the debacle of the Legislative Council simply speaks to a greater malaise in our political system.

However, it’s not the Legislative Council that needs reform it’s the whole of Tynwald.

It is well past time the gate to this dung heap of self satisfied, grasping, arrogant ‘chancers’ was kicked down!

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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